To help parents enhance their child’s development.

The best place in Maine to find solutions for optimizing the developmental and behavioral health of children.

Our Values:

Honor:  We honor the courage it takes for a parent and family to be willing to change by promising to provide honest and direct information to help create that change.

Respect: We embrace the dignity and uniqueness of every person and the relationship they have within their family.

Family:  We believe parents are the inherent drivers of change and will engage with them to develop optimal solutions for their child.

Love: We believe love is a powerful mechanism for change. We love what we do and show that in our enthusiastic approach to care.

Evidence Based:  We believe in using science based evidence and our experience to provide useful strategies for positive parenting.

Knowledge:  We believe knowledge is power and strive to provide excellent and timely information to our patients and their parents.

Accountability: We believe that everyone needs to be willing to take responsibility for one’s own actions.

MCDBP's Mission and Values